I know it when ELC came to my school on the event of Education Fair. They really helped me with everything not only with my IELTS but also with my passport, my Visa including my accommodation. They helped achieve my dream of going abroad to study. My passion in business and ELC Education opened the path for me to NANKAI University. I'm really grateful for that. Thank you a lot ELC Education Jakarta.
Bachelor of Business Administration / Nankai University, China
I know about ELC from an education exhibition I visited months before I decided to apply for my master program. I was very confused and clueless about applying to master program, but the counselor was very helpful and gave me a lot of information about it. They gabe ,e different options that met my requirements for my master program so that I can choose which one is the best. The application process went very well and easy. The counselor was very friendly and always ready to help me anytime I need help both during my master application and my visa application process. They also helped me preparing my departure and kindly guide me for further event during my studies. There is nothing more I can say but thanks a lot for ELC Education. I highly recommend ELC Education for anyone planning to study abroad. Best of luck for ELC Education.
Master of Arts in Interior Design / Coventry University, UK
I first know about ELC Education from an education expo that was held at my school ( Gloria 1 Senior High School). Truthfully, the person in charge of ELC Education's counter was the most welcoming and they gave me satisfactorily explanation. After a while, I got the information about ELC's education expo at Sheraton Hotel from instagram and decided to go because University of Amsterdam was one of the represented school. The counselor helped me a lot with giving substantial informations and answered each of my questions distinctly. After some discussions with my parents, I finally chose ELC Education to help me for my study in Netherland. My counselor is Mrs. Indrawati and she guided me step-by-step from the beginning about my school's requirements, payments, insurance, accomodation and visa application. I feel grateful and satisfied for choosing ELC Education because my counselor has made it easy for me to study in Amsterdam. Thank you ELC! 🙂 
Bachelor of Business Administration / University of Netherland, Amsterdam
I joined the In-House training held by ELC English program in my company and that was the best English class that I’ve ever taken in. That was because of the great combination of suitability of the material, the handbook, the schedule (the class always starts on time), the interaction, the classroom atmosphere and of course the superb teacher. We didn’t only learn English, but also the world interaction nowadays. Hopefully ELC can continue to improve its quality to provide “value” for everyone who joins ELC.
In-House Training Student, Business Plus 1 / Bank Kaltim, Samarinda
Our class is fun and gives me a lot of benefits. The class has improved my English skill, especially in listening and speaking.
In-House Training Student, Business Plus 1, Bank Kaltim, Samarinda
I really liked and enjoyed the class. The lessons were interesting and useful for daily activities. Ms. Ryan was very helpful and friendly as our teacher.
In-House Training Student, Business Plus 1, Bank Kaltim, Samarinda
IELTS class with ELC has been a wonderful experience for me. Although I was unfamiliar with IELTS before, the staff helped me a lot not only to achieve the score, but also to deepen my understanding in English. The learning process strengthened my skills and enhanced my English. When I received my IETLS score, I knew that I owed this success to ELC, mostly to the teachers. Thanks for all your help. Placement score : 5.0 Real IELTS score : 7.0
In-House IELTS Training Student, Universitas Mulawarman, Samarinda
I never get bored learning IELTS with ELC because the learning process is fun and dynamic. The teachers in ELC help me achieve higher score by recognizing the strength and the weakness of my English ability and improving it. Well, I like the way they work on IELTS program. Placement score : 5.5 Real IELTS score : 7.0
In-House IELTS Training Student, Universitas Mulawarman, Samarinda
I would like to thank ELC for providing me with the IELTS course. I’d been studying English in ELC for about six months. The tutors are very friendly and inspiring. They do not only teach essential subjects, but also motivate their students. The practice-based learning method they applied and the tips they shared in order to be successful in exam made me become more confident about my IELTS and also my ability in English. Finally, I got 6.5 which is a great result for me. Placement score : 5.0 Real IELTS score : 6.5
In-House IELTS Training Student, Universitas Mulawarman, Samarinda
Hi my name is Tiranus. After deciding to study in New Zealand, I started to search more information about universities in this country and ELC Education really helped me a lot. They helped me finding the right university, taking care all the papers I needed for the visa purposes, etc. All the staffs are friendly, helpful and profesional. I am really satisfied with their work. Thank you ELC and GBU.
University of Otago, New Zealand
I am currently studying Master of International Business at University of New South Wales. ELC has helped me a lot with all the work that I couldn’t handle myself. ELC made everything so much easier; from choosing the right university, as well as helping me to prepare all required documents. I could not thank ELC enough for what they have done for me till today. ELC is the BEST!
University of New South Wales, Australia
This place was not only a study place for me, but it was family. For some of us, it was our first time studying abroad, and at first I felt insecure. Then I started my first day at ELC and instantly felt comfortable. Great Staff!! The teacher and staff were very understanding.After 3 months studying with ELC, I felt more confident speaking English. They have prepared us well to study abroad. We laughed and cried together, through thick and thin. ELC is the best. Placement score : 5.0 Real IELTS score : 6.0
University of Western Australia, Australia
I would like to say thank you to ELC Education Samarinda, especially to Ms. Ratna as my counsellor. She has really helped me to apply to Curtin University so smooth and became easy. Eventhough at that time I am in Perth and can communicate only via email and social media, ELC Education Samarinda could facilitated me so now I can study in Curtin. Once again, thank you and good luck for ELC Education Samarinda.
Curtin University Perth, Australia
Kepengurusan studi saya di Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia jadi lebih mudah melalui ELC Education Samarinda. Staff dan counselor sangat ramah dan helpful. Semua proses dari A-Z dibantu, mulai dari admission, student visa, bahkan sampai akomodasi juga dibantu, sehingga seluruh prosesnya jadi tidak ribet dan mudah dimengerti. Thank you and good luck buat ELC Education Samarinda!
Le Cordon Bleu, Malaysia
I am currently studying at University of Stirling. I chose this university since the facilities are top-notch, and I can make a lot of friends from different countries since it is one of the multi-cultural campuses in UK. Before studying Master’s degree in UK, I learned English at ELC Jakarta. ELC is the best place to study English because the teachers are very helpful. The counselors assisted me to choose the most suitable university for me. It was a great experience for me to study at ELC Education.
University of Stirling, UK
I really like to be at Humber College since the facilities are excellent, and I can make a lot of friends from different countries since it is one of the multi-cultural campuses in Canada. I could meet the English Entry Requirement because I studied IELTS at ELC Jakarta. I learned all about tips and tricks that I do not get if I study by myself. The teachers supervised my writing practice so that I could improve a lot in writing and achieve my target score. Thank you ELC and good luck! Placement score : 4.0 Real IELTS score : 5.0
Humber College, Canada
ELC Education helped me find fruitful opportunities. At first, I was so afraid that the application processes, student visa, and accomodation arrangement would be difficult to deal with. I was such a blast that I finally had ELC, they assured me that I came to the right place. Also, learning IELTS here was so much fun more than you can imagine. ELC Education leads my way to go international that now I can study TESOL in United Kingdom. I totally recommend ELC education because they have the best one-stop-service for studying overseas. Placement score : 5.5 Real IELTS score : 6.5
Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom
Hi I am Satria. I used to be extremely afraid of taking real IELTS test because I did not think I was ready. But after studying at ELC Jakarta for a month, I progressively developed my self-confidence. What I thought was terrifying before did not come true. It was just only my lack of practice that made me scared of taking IELTS. At ELC, I learned loads of very useful knowledge, including great tips, tricks, and practices which really helped me upgrading my score. Overall, I am pleased with the service at ELC. Not only it is affordable, but also significantly helpful to those in needs of improving their IELTS score. Good job ELC! Placement score : 6.0 Real IELTS score : 7.5
IELTS Preparation Course Student
ELC staff are very responsible. They helped me in finding the right university in China. ELC provides an IELTS preparation course for students and gives them the right tools required to enter universities worldwide. I value my education at INTO Nankai University for the lecturers really care not only about you but also your majors. Placement score : 5.0 Real IELTS score : 6.0
INTO Nankai University, China
ELC has a great team of teachers and friends to prepare you for IELTS, I was not confident with my English level before I took IELTS course from ELC. After 3 months taking the class, my confidence improved so I took the real test right after finishing the course and the result is satisfying. Not only I learned valuable tips and tricks for IELTS, but I also met a lot of nice and helpful people in the class. The price is reasonably affordable compared to another IELTS preparation classes. ELC is also willing to help my application to Australian University. I highly recoomend ELC Education if you’re looking for a place where you can learn about IELTS and making new friends plus setting up your way to study abroad! Placement score : 6 Real IELTS score : 8
IELTS Preparation Course Student
ELC is really helpful for my study in USA. From the help through my English, all the paper works I need, and even recommended the good and affordable university for me. Moreover, the employees of ELC are friendly and they work professionally to help the students. I am a junior at University of Nevada, Reno in Fall 2014.
University of Nevada Reno, USA
Kami bersyukur dan berterima kasih yang tak terhingga kepada ELC Samarinda. Anak kami dibantu mulai dari persiapan dokumen keberangkatan hingga pengurusan akomodasi di luar negeri. ELC sangat luar biasa dalam mempersiapkan Rizqi, membuat kami merasa terbantu karena anak kami terus dimonitor perkembangannya selama proses adaptasi di negara tujuan. Terima kasih ELC Education.
Parents of M. Thezar Firrizqi, Monash University, Australia
Hello, I am Elva. Now, I’m studying at Monash University, thanks to ELC Education. They helped me to apply to the university and to find a suitable accomodation for me. I also prepared my English at ELC. The study materials on the course were very effective. Moreover, the feedback after my assignments really helped me to know my weaknesses. A huge thank you to ELC Education Samarinda! Placement score : 5.5 Real IELTS score : 6.5
Monash University, Australia
ELC Education is a really good place to prepare IELTS. In just a short period of time I could boost my skills. Well, it depends on each individual willpower to practice. ELC came to help me in finding out my weaknesses and taught me how to overcome it. I learned about all tips and tricks in IELTS, that I previously did not know about. The teachers supervised my writing practice so that I could improve a lot in writing and achieve my target score. Thank you and love you ELC! Placement score : 5.5 Real IELTS score : 7.0
The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Hi, my name is Raynaldo Paresa Batong or you can call me Aldo. I am a student from University Of South Florida in USA. After finished highschool, I decided to study overseas and started to search information about overseas universities. My mom told me that there is a good place to find information about study abroad named ELC Education. This institution is trusted by the Government. Then, in one of ELC Education’s event, I met the agent who later handled my application from zero until I arrived in USA safely. As expected, ELC Education delivered an excellent service. Now, I am happy to be an USF student because I get a lot of experiences, friends and valuable lessons. I am very thankful to my parents, family, friends, and of course ELC Education Makassar who helped and supported me to reach my dream studying in USA.
University of South Florida, USA